Welcome to our site: we hope that soon, it will also be your site and that you will participate in its development by presenting your work and taking part in competitions. The idea that has been guiding us since we started working on the site is to bring together people whose works explore the dark side of the reality and the aspects that are hidden at the border of two worlds: the visible one and the one that is hidden in darkness. At the present moment, the site is in a test form – some functions may still not operate correctly or not operate at all: thence, we have a great request to you to provide your feedback, remarks and suggestions: we hope that together, we can create a place where you will feel at ease and which you will visit often.

At some point in time, Philip K. Dick wrote: “reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away”; be believe that we can leave the reality changed after we are no longer here – therefore, join us in exploring the forbidden areas…


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