The Promoted Artist section features interesting authors; we want to present selected artists who, by answering our questions, will become less anonymous and get out of the shadow of their works.
We hope that you will like this form of promotion and that in the course of time it will become a true pool of knowledge about the dark side of your wishes and thoughts.
Today, we would like to present:

Alicja Brodowicz

  1. Do you have any memories that you wish you would have photographed? Are there any images that are kept in your memory, but which you would like to have on photographic paper or your computer screen?

Last year when it was my daughter’s birthday she invited her friends over – only girls. There were eight of them; the party was quite chaotic; we had a lot of balloons and suddenly one of the girls came up with the idea to pretend being pregnant – soon afterwards, all the girls put balloons under their shirts and started running around, giggling. I wish I took a photo then, because the whole situation was just bizarre, but I was just too busy and preoccupied with everything else that was going on.

  1. If you could choose the destination of you photographic journey, where would it be?

I think I’d like to see Tokyo – I’ve never been to Japan. I really like great cities, so I’d like to go back to New York too. And apart from cities, I would also love to go to Scotland and Ireland, to see the cliffs, the sea and the vast expanse of moorlands.

  1. Is there any film that you particularly value for photography?

One of my favourite films of all times is Jane Campion’s “Piano” and I greatly appreciate it for photography too; there is “Picnic At Hanging Rock” by Peter Weir. There’s also Jim Jarmush’s “Dead Man” and more recently Paweł Pawlikowski’s “Ida” with photographs by Ryszard Lenczewski.

  1. Do you have any favourite photo that you would like to get as a present?

If money was not an issue, I’d like to have one of Sally Mann’s photos, preferably from the “Immediate Family” series or the “Deep South” series. I also love Anders Petersen and having any of his prints would be wonderful.

  1. Which literary character would you like to photograph?

I’d like to photograph Stephen Dedalus, a character from Joyce’s “Ulysses” and “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.” This is my favourite literary character: “toothless Kinch, the superman.” However, I do not have a clear idea of how he might look like.

  1. What kind of photographic assignment would you refuse disregarding the pay?

There are a lot of assignments that I would not feel comfortable with, for example photographing small children, pregnant women, etc. due to the fact that I simply find it hard to fit within the required stylistics. However, I think that ultimately, the decisive factor would not be the type of assignment, but the requirements or the ideas of the contracting person – if I could not identify with them, I would not accept the assignment.

  1. If you were asked to illustrate your photographs with music – what kind of music would you choose?

I love Nick Cave and I am particularly fond of the soundtrack he made for the film “The Assassination of Jesse James.” I am also a big fan of Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, PJ Harvey, Dead Can Dance, Burial and Hol Bauman.

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