The Promoted Artist section features interesting authors; we want to present selected artists who, by answering our questions, will become less anonymous and get out of the shadow of their works.
We hope that you will like this form of promotion and that in the course of time it will become a true pool of knowledge about the dark side of your wishes and thoughts.
Today, we would like to present:

Mindaugas Buivydas

  1. Do you have any memories that you wish you would have photographed? Are there any images that are kept in your memory, but which you would like to have on photographic paper or your computer screen?

I have never photographed any of my grandparents. If I could turn back time I would like to do a photo session with them. I can imagine the final result of this photo session: this could be a series of classic portraits taken by medium format camera. I am a big fan of b&w photography but in this hypothetical photo session I would certainly use color film.

  1. If you could choose the destination of you photographic journey, where would it be?

I love north and the countries of Northern part of the world for their darkly poetic nature, extreme weather conditions, radical climate changes and strong element of mystery. I’ve already been in Norway, Sweden and Finland. So in the future I would choose Canada, Alaska, Iceland or…Norway again. Nevertheless, at this moment I vote for Canada.

  1. Is there any film that you particularly value for photography?

Schindler’s List (cinematography by Janusz Kaminski) comes to my mind immediately. It is absolutely staggering film with stunning black & white cinematography. I could also mention Insomnia (filmed in Alaska), Fargo, the films of Peter Greenaway, David Lynch, Tim Burton, Ridley Scott and Stanley Kubrick.

  1. Do you have any favourite photo that you would like to get as a present?

I would like to get any of the photographs of Eugenio Recuenco with his signature. His creativity is astounding, his productivity is mind-blowing. Even if he is not a representative of my favourite genre. Elliott Erwitt’s photo of Goya’s The Nude Maja & The Clothed Maja in Museo del Prado probably would be my choice from classics.

  1. Which literary character would you like to photograph?

One of my favourite books is All the King‘s Men by Robert Penn Warren. Willie Stark is the central character of this novel. He is very charismatic political leader and an embodiment of political power. Photographing of charismatic and energetic people is always a challenge for a photographer. On the other hand, it is very interesting.

  1. What kind of photographic assignment would you refuse disregarding the pay?

I think it would be commercial food photography. Personally for me it is not interesting at all. Consequently, I have no necessary skills for this kind of photographic activity.

  1. If you were asked to illustrate your photographs with music – what kind of music would you choose?

Leonard Cohen is one of my favourite musicians. I feel coherence between his music and my photographs. Of course, it’s very personal but Leonards’s works touch my soul deeply. I love U2, Dire Straits, Hans Zimmer, Sigur Ros. I am also heavy metal fan, including it‘s most extreme strains, but my photography is too meditative to be illustrated with this kind of music J

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