The dark, the black stories are the ones fascinating me and I am trying to convey them in my work. Occult rites, old horror movies and surrealistic scenes as well as my own personal moods and emotions are inspiration for my pictures.

My photographs are rarely taken as single shots but they mostly are part of a series, telling a whole tale. Negative emotions like melancholia, fear and disquiet serve as inspiration – I accept  these dark aspects as equally beautiful as apparent beauty.

My work should not be confined to the visible part of a scene but it should be seen as an invitation to climb into the picture and  peek around the corner to see what’s there.

Born 1986 in Austria and based in Vienna.

Pictures are preferably taken monochrome and in surroundings of nature or abandoned buildings – spots that have their own history and life. Main part of the work is digital photography and some experiments with analogue cameras from the DDR-era.

References and Publications

Group Exhibition “5 Jahre Kunstschaffen” at The Art Gallery Vienna – 03-04/2016
Group Exhibition “Passion Noire” at The Art Gallery Vienna – 01-03/2016
Publication in Issue 41 of Stark-Magazine – 11/2015
Commissioned Artwork and Promotion Pictures for The Devil And The Universe – 10/2015
Publication in Vol. 3 Issue I of Agave Magazine – 09/2015
Publication in Issue # 72 August/September 2015 of F-Stop Magazine – 08/2015
Contribution to Walk of Art 2015 Vienna and exhibition in Galerie Ho – 07/2015
Group Exhibition “Menschen” at Atelier Bajadere – 07/2015
Publication in Issue May 2015 in Storyline Magazine – 05/2015

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