I was born in Šilutė, Lithuania. Currently I live in Vilnius. Lithuania is my home country.

I am a self-taught photographer. I started with the photography in 2006. My greatest interest and passion is being in nature and an observation of it. Observation of natures’ shapes, diversity and change. Ability to photograph nature and to reveal an emotion and feeling is a most exciting moment for me. In a decade, I believe, I have developed my personal style. I think it can be characterized by those keywords: silence, mystery, transition, meditation, change.

I am the participant and laureate of few international and national photography contests and exhibitions: “Debut 2010”, National contest arranged by Lithuanian Photography Union of the Lithuanian Art Photographers. Published in the book of selected works of “Debut 2010” contest winners; Foto&Video Magazine, June 2011. Contest “Landscape”. Third place winner.”

Mindaugas Buivydas

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